How To Put An End To Abortions

Dear Right-to-Lifers:

You’re doing it wrong. You want to put an end to abortions? Here’s how.

Start taking all the time, money, and effort you put into your demonstrations, your advertising, your support network, and, (deep breath) your graphic posters, and redirecting your focus to where it can actually do some good.

Stop attacking women who find themselves in the position of making one of the most difficult decisions of their lives. Stop judging strangers about whose circumstances you know absolutely nothing. Stop assuming that terminating any pregnancy is a simple choice.

Instead, work to make a difference. Instead of fighting for a child’s right to life – fight for their right to live. Work to take away every woman’s fears of seeing her pregnancy to term.

Fight against poverty for women and children. Fight for every woman’s right to free and accessible birth control. Fight for every woman’s right to easily accessible and reliable medical care.

Fight for the rights of the disabled. Fight for an end to the ‘R’ word. Fight for the rights of inclusion so that every child is a welcome member of society.

Fight for the support that so many uneducated, unprepared, incapable mothers will need, for 20 years or more, to raise their children.

Fight for the need to adopt from within Canada. Fight for a stronger foster care system. Fight for the rights of parents to provide for their children.

Fight for full accessibility to higher education. Fight for women’s right to equal pay, and better jobs. Fight for the rights of women to keep their jobs, to get better benefits and maternity leaves, and to find convenient and safe day care.

Fight for the rights of women to have a child, regardless of their situation, age, or ability, without the judgement of others.

Fight for stable families. Fight for a woman’s right to full and reliable child support.

Fight for the safety of women, so that they are never subjected to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Fight for her right to wear what she wants.

Fight for her right to say no.

Fight for the right of every woman to control her own mind, heart, body, and soul.

STOP fighting the tragic end result.

You’re too late.

7 thoughts on “How To Put An End To Abortions

    • I read your post, and, at the risk of starting an argument I have no intention of continuing, I have to disagree. I can’t/won’t argue the bible with you; I know that to be a lost cause. But I will fight for the rights of my daughters to control their own bodies, minds, and souls, regardless of the antiquated, closed-minded, and unfair opposition they may face.


  1. Nah, it’s easier for the anti-abortionists to hold picket signs and sing or yell at strangers than to actually put effort in BY WORKING to decrease / abolish the abortions they so oppose.

    Just my two pennies …


      • Ooops! I kind of worded my reply wrong … I meant to say:

        Nah, it’s easier for the anti-abortionists to hold picket signs and sing or yell at strangers than to actually put effort in BY WORKING — actually put time and effort in caring for all the born children who already exist by volunteering. However, they would rather hold signs getting their “righteous” anger out at people / women entering the clinic … much easier to show blood and guts drama on a sign then to sit down with an impoverished eight-year-old who can’t read or go to a soup kitchen as a volunteer to help any homeless with their children who may be there or volunteer at the local inner-city school … nope, they’d rather be buying their markers and poster boards from Hobby Lobby setting hate-dates to yell or preach or sing or shame people at clinics that provide abortions.

        But there is a couple who makes funny signs directed at these protestors … check it out!

        You’re preaching to the choir sista gal — but keep up the bloggin’! 🙂


      • Alex, you’re welcome for the link! If you do get a group to “anti-protest” it would make for some great pics and an even better blog idea … I don’t know for a fact but have read that this idea is going viral.

        Awful that you have to explain these pics / signs to your kids … but that’s what these people are about — shame, scare and fear tactics — not genuine love.

        Good luck! Keep us posted! 🙂

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