What to Say About Mr. Brown

No one knows better than I do how getting something done online can turn into one of those tasks that just gets away from us. ‘I’m thinking I should post something. Now I have to remember what it is, when I have time, while I’m sitting at my computer, and then I have to think of something intelligent to say.’ We’re busy – and sometimes the smallest feats can take the biggest effort.

That said, let me try to help you along to get that HWDSB School Naming survey completed as quickly as possible.

1. Below is a bunch of comments you can copy, giving full credit to the original writer;

2. Click here to go to the Board of Education’s website to complete the survey;

3. Answer the quick questions as to who you are. (They just want to know student/peer/community, etc. – no names and addresses.);

4. Paste your copied comments into the “Why should we pick your guy?” section.

Sample comments:

(A great place to find more comments is at Paul’s Memorial Facebook Page, at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-Paul-Brown-RIPBiography/453045244759969 )

I agree with what Jeff Baker said on Facebook, “To the one who struggled with keeping Paul’s name as a reference on resume…leave it there. Anyone who phones can be redirected to this page. If Paul was willing to stand up for you in life, his voice and reputation will be spoken through others and he’ll stand up for you still. Whether his name is on the paper or not, he’s there for you.”

I agree with what Monica Wilson-Cook said on Facebook, “Dear Paul,
Baseball has started and I could feel and sense your physical absence from the park especially from behind the plate. You are missed in many places and Eastmount Park is one of them. Your wave’s and smiles to all us mom’s sitting in the chairs, your big voice calling those calls so all us moms know whats really going on, your pep talks to the catchers behind the plate, our after game chats and laughs. As much as we all miss you being there and wish you still were I know your with us all and you are watching all the games and not missing a play as you have the best spot in the park, We miss you and the kids miss you and I just felt like stopping at your page to say hi.
Take care our friend and we will all see each other again one day and we will all play ball or at least try LOL!!!”

I agree with what Suzanna Gabanna said on Facebook, “Hey Paul Thinking of you today. You definitely brought alot of happiness and laughter around myself and my family. We miss you dearly, you were free spirited and joyful all the time and we are going to miss having the best neighbor anybody could ever have! You were so caring and giving, and I’m sure we will all meet again! God bless you Paul. Rest in paradise!”

I agree with what Kala N Mike Nora said on Facebook, “So sorry to hear you pasted away. I will always appreciate the talks you had with me about missing class lol. You were always a over the top teacher that cared deeply about your students I will remember you always and forever. May you rest in peace.”

I agree with what Julia Bee said on Facebook, “Sir:) just thinking of you brings be back to Delta days, Everyone Respected Your Strong heart, honest consistent ways & most of all your class room!!! I made sure I was on time for your classes! I can still hear your voice correcting me by simply saying BROTTON! With that look:).& will Always remember your big jolly laugh & smile.
The world needs more teachers / people like you. You will Always be in the Brotton’s Hearts”

I agree with what Rob Jeffery said on Facebook, “Still can see your smile, you were such a good guy,teacher, and role model. Teaching was your calling, you made a difference in many peoples lives, mine included. Thanks for being fair, consistent and just a good dude. It was a privilege to know you.”

I agree with what Candice Ellen said on Facebook, “this past week has been hard for me,
i have been placed at hill park and EVERYONE knows you.
and when they ask where i was before i say macnab and they insantly ask if i knew you or what not.
Not a day goes by that i dont think about you and what you taught me.
Miss you Mr Brown.”

I agree with what Josh Bull McColl said on Facebook, “Mr Brown i know in football i was usually the loudmouth cheering everyone on and i always had a firepower to win just like u u taught me so much more then i knew the first day of practice and i wanna thank u for not giving up on me even during bad times in games and when i got tooken out in churchill and when we were always wanting to win Rest In Paradise Mr.Brown ur truly missed”

I agree with what Brandon Hill said on Facebook, “I know I was hard headed at times and I was a huge pain in the rear but youre the one teacher that never gave up on me, I still think about the lessons you taught me, Thanks to you I’ve become a better person. Miss ya every day coach. Rest in Paradise.”

I agree with what Angel Khattra said on Facebook, “I’ll always remember Mr. Brown as one of the few teachers that actually inspired me; I always remembered everything he taught because he kept it interesting.

I agree with what Kim Mlekuz said on Facebook, “Paul was an Angel that walked on earth and blessed every person he came in contact with. Life is better for having met Paul. His smile made everyone around him smile. My only regret is that I didn’t tell Paul what a difference he made while I had the chance. RIP the Mlekuz Family”

I agree with what Evie O’Malley said on Facebook, “I will remember the big smile he had from ear to ear. He had a light around him that was comforting..even if u met him only once, it was like u knew him for years. He will certainly be missed. May u rest in peace Paul Michael Brown”

I agree with what Brenna Elise Dougan said on Facebook, “Don’t just let life happen to you.
Make. Life. Happen. Thank you for everything you did for me in my years at delta i have nothing but immense respect for you”

I agree with what Cassie Vukosa said on Facebook, “I always felt everytime I was with Paul that I was very special to him and I always felt so good after I had a chance to see him even if it was a quick hello on the street corner. It turns out that he had the ability to make EVERYONE feel very special to him.”

I agree with what Amanda Shay said on Facebook, “You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being a wonderful leader, You are a big reason why I am who I am today.”

I agree with what Ginger Snaps E said on Facebook, “I am truly grateful to have been taught by this man and i will continue to honor his memory by succeeding in my life and becoming the person he believed i would be.”

I agree with what Amy Chong said on Facebook, “He was an amazing teacher. He was absolutely terrifying at times, but for good reasons! He cared about each and every one of his students and he wanted us to be the best we could possibly be. He had my class write letters to our future selves as an assignment, describing were we would hope to be in our lives 10 years from then. That was in 2008. I hope that those letters will make it to us someday!”

I agree with what Eric Stevens said on Facebook, “I feel honoured to have had him as a coach. Without mr Brown there would have been no football team at MacNab. Mr Brown helped many people pave the path to success. And as the tears fall the motivation to succeed rises. Mr Brown thank you for everything you have done to make this world a better place, Rest in Peace coach/teacher/rolemodel”

I agree with what Tom Beshoff said on Facebook, “There is no question this man will leave large voids in every corner of his life. His students have lost not only a teacher, but (judging from the many postings here), a real and true leader. He was a tremendous giver to the community he lived in.”

I agree with what Michelle Scott said on Facebook, “Mr. Brown was one of few grown ups that was nice to me. I recall my father reading my report from him asking, why he had such nice things to say about me! Thank you for your positive influence in my life.”

I agree with what Tanya Prosser said on Facebook, “I am saddened wondering if they will ever have a teacher like Paul was, or better yet to be able to call that teacher a great friend later in life.
A man who meant so much to everyone who had come into contact with him and was fortunate enough to know him and his infectious smile and laughter.”

I agree with what Miles Wallace said on Facebook, “Paul helped me get into teachers college by letting me train with him for a short time. I saw what a great person he was very quickly, he was the life of the school and a stranger to no one. In the special ed. department he was adored and loved by all of his students. It was a wonderful pleasure to meet him and I will never forget his personality. I am greatly saddened by his passing.”

I agree with what Heather MIller said on Facebook, “Paul coached my son Angelo football at MacNab. I always remember him smiling and treating all the boys with respect and would listen to them no matter how long it took.”

I agree with what Daniel Mischa Pillen said on Facebook, “One of the greatest teachers one could ever have. Ill always remember his talk with me… he changed my view on school completely. I wish there were more teachers like him.”

I agree with what Alex McGillivray said on Facebook, “Mr. Brown – I, like many others saw you as an outstanding teacher, a coach to Tyler, and later a great friend. I remember many things from your class as a student, but the things I remember most were your contagious laugh and your love for absolutely everyone and everything. You were one of the most accepting people I ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I will always treasure the moments that we saw each other long after you were my teacher. I remember you yelling at me from afar in Mills Library at McMaster, “Alex Plumb! Are you keeping out of trouble?” which was immediately followed by a hug and a chat about how life was going for each of us. You always made an effort to make people feel special no matter what walk of life they were from, and I was no different.

I was lucky enough to have run into you not long ago when Tyler and I were out running errands. I remember it felt like time had never passed, but we soon all had a good laugh about how old we all felt once you told us how old your son Ben was. I only wish we could have spent more time with you, but to be honest, I am just lucky enough to have known you. Thank you for the things you have taught me, and for the memories you have given me.”

I could cut an paste these forever! Feel free to take one or more or part of these comments and use them. There are plenty more on the Memorial Facebook Page, Posts by Others section. Bring a kleenex.

We have five days left to convince the Board that this is a good idea. We all know it is. We just have to make sure we’re heard.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule!

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