Politicians and Rapists Make Strange Bedfellows

Okay, I’ve been following a blog for a bit now, and am finding it increasingly difficult to keep my mouth shut. Some of the ideas presented at Forming The Thread are some of the most controversial, inflammatory, and NECESSARY on the web.

Take today’s post, for example. Rapists and Extremist Republicans: They Both De-Personify Women. What?!

Oh, but go read it. Just takes two minutes. And if that grabs you, check the related posts listed at the bottom of the post. Some politician spouting crap like “Women can’t get pregnant from rape – their bodies reject conception.”

Can I hear a collective “WTF?!”

Seriously, if you are/know/are related to/care about a female person on this planet – or if you are the kind of man who doesn’t appreciate being dumped into a disillusioned group of idiots – you need to start checking this out and realizing that the fight for all human rights has barely just begun. It is our duty – to our children – to become informed and aware. There are still those – in power, in the U.S. and in Canada – who would see women’s rights erased completely. Don’t kid yourself. They’re out there. They’re real. And we need to wake up. Fast.

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